The zoning has made the city more organized, and the efficient transportation system allows anyone to get anywhere in a short amount of time. I chose the Airport and Seaport area because it was close to the sea, and it seemed logical to make the airport in the same area. I made the education, public park, and commercial areas close to the residential areas so people can get to them very quickly. I put the service area in the middle of the city so the services are an equal distance from anywhere, and can get there quickly. The service area is where all the services for the people of the city are based. All hospitals, police station, fire station, government buildings, etc. are in this area. The industrial area and Agricultural area are placed where they are because most of the city’s population will be working in those two areas, and it seemed logical to put them close together and in that part of the city. The commercial area is where malls, shops, restaurants and hotels are located.


Because of the great transportation system, all the places can be zoned like this, and a hospital is not required in the middle of the residential zone, or a fire station in the industrial zone. The transportation system helps organize the city and get people from one place to another efficiently. Because of that, the zones are also organized, and the overall city is very organized. The organization helps the people living in the city. To zone the city, and make it more practical, I changed the city’s area to 225 km^2. The population density has changed to 538/km^2. Since the area is smaller, all residential buildings are apartment buildings. All apartment buildings are 50 floors high, so they can accommodate the population, and a lot of extra homes will be left.

The zoning is helpful to the environment because it helped decrease the size of the city, and this leaves more of the land to grow freely and take the natural courses of nature. The people would have to give up the luxury of having big houses with back yards or lawns.