Transportation System

The transportation system has been changed completely. There are no cars allowed, and there are no roads for cars. Long distances are covered with a grid of a metro system. It is very efficient and takes a person anywhere. Short distances, like streets and alleys are covered the the juggernaut bicycle. The juggernaut bicycle is a bicycle with two wheels in the front, and one in the back. The two front wheels are very close together, and all three wheels are designed so that the bicycle can be driven over and kind of solid surface and take minimum amount of energy from the user. The only motorized vehicles allowed are ambulances, and firetrucks. Police officers have segways for transportation over short distances. A faster vehicle is not required for them because crime rates are very low. The metro has space for people to put in their juggernaut bicycles, and extra juggernaut bicycles are placed all around the city in bicycle centers for people to use for free. All transportation is free, and if a bicycle is taken from one center, it can be left in another center. Senior citizens will have motorized wheelchairs that are powered from electricity.

Here is a map displaying metro routes:

metro map IU

Here is a map displaying the main roads for bicycles, walking, ambulances, firetrucks, segways, and motorised wheelchairs:

bicycle routes

The metro will use electricity produced through geothermal energy. The ambulances and firetrucks will be hydrogen powered, and the segways will be electric powered and charged from outlets. The electricity for segways will be produced from geothermal energy. Instead of using energy, the juggernaut bicycle will have one dynamo attached to the front wheels, and one to the back wheel. The dynamos will turn as the wheels turn, and will allow the user to recharge devices like phones, laptops and tablets. People also walk a lot during the day, and some may chose to walk instead of riding the juggernaut bike to cover small distances. Everyone in the city has a shoe that have the same technology as the electricity producing tiles. The shoes can be used to charge phones and tablets.

It is a more environmentally friendly way to use transportation because the CO2 emissions are 0%. The best part of the transportation system is that instead of electricity being used for personal transportation, electricity is produced. The people might have to give up privacy because they would not have personal vehicles like cars.

Here is an image of the juggernaut bike: