Act 4/5 student-led discussion

Lannisters I Acts IV:V

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Active Reading Act 4/5

The active reading is something that helps understand and comprehend the book better. It asks to find different literary elements and descriptions. It also asks for connections and summaries so that the understanding of the book is increased for students. Each box has to be filled out before participating in the class discussions other wise the student cannot communicate with the others as well because they might not know what’s going on.

An aspect I improved from the last student-led discussion was to try to include all members in the group. From the last one, there was a lot of improvement and the web looked much more symmetrical. I think this was because I had the checklist in front of me, which reminded me of what to do. I did not really use the discussion web from the previous discussion to improve the Act 4/5 discussion but I did use the checklist. The in-class feedback also helped because we could find out from other people what mistakes we made, what to improve, and what went well, something we should continue to do.

Something I want to keep improving is staying on topic during the discussion and getting all the group members to participate actively. This could benefit us in understanding the book even further and have different point of views.

I think the moral of Romeo and Juliet is clearly not to be extreme on either side of anything. This is shown throughout the book by the characteristics of the characters and the extremeness of their extremity. But I noticed that there is also other small, sub-moral like things in it. Like when Romeo talks about gold being the poison to men’s souls. And also a moral on hasty decisions and what they can lead to.