Romeo and Juliet: Act 3 class discussion

After we read act 3 in Romeo and Juliet, we had a student led class discussion about it. We recorded the discussion on video and Mr. Johnson made a web about who was speaking to whom.

Here is the video:

Here is the web:

Lannisters II, Act III SLD WEB


Somethings I did very well in the discussion are:

  • I remembered what points I had to include like citing text from a book and asking questions to include everybody in the discussion.

When I asked a question, I remembered that I have to cite it and ask specifically. This restarted a discussion and also got some members of the group to join the discussion.

  • I talked to many people in the group and listened to many people as well.

This allowed our group to have a close to balanced discussion and the web was somewhat symmetrical.

Even though I did somethings that were well, I could still improve my participation in the discussion. Something that I could improve would be to try to talk and make connections because many times when I tried to add something, someone else would speak up. I think I could improve this by talk louder and clearer, so people can hear my point and continue to listen.

I think that this method of studying literature is more effective than studying as a whole class because we stop in between and discuss it. This leaves no more topics for discussion in the student lead discussions. I think It would be better if ned time we had a debate instead of a discussion, because they are sometimes more enjoyable and also offer many different perspectives of the story.