Mystery Student Led Discussion

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I think this Student-led discussion did not help me to improve my understanding of the mystery genre because of the topics that were discussed. In the discussion, two topics were on the elements of a mystery fiction and characterization, and they revolved around Death on the Nile and The speckled Band. Everyone already knew all the information discussed in the discussion, so it was only something where we talked about it, and agreed with everyone. It was also a bit boring.

I think if we could change it to make it better for the course, then we should have had a debate instead. We watch or read two different stories, and compare them to see which one is better. There would be two teams, one for each story, this would allow us to learn more about how the different elements can be found in stories and what the best way to use them is. Another idea would be to have a class debate, and everyone’s argument is that his or her book is better, a talking stick could be used, and it would be a fun exercise to do.

Although the Google forms feedback form was a good idea, I think it is not required because we always discuss the feedback at the end of the discussion. The hangouts chat was not such a good idea mainly because it was very distracting while the discussion and it was only happening when my group was discussing.