Mystery short story reflection

In class, we were asked to write a mystery short story, by our teacher Mr. Johnson, that had to be at least 7 pages long, and with a long list of requirements. My story was a thriller story, with adapted characters and some real events. Some of the characters were Mert Tekdemir, a friend, Dave Johnson, the teacher, and myself. Here is the front cover of my story:

Read it here:



Before I could start writing my story, I had to plan for the characters and plot of the story. Here is the planning I did for my story.

Planning 1

Planning 2

Planning 3

Planning 4

We were also asked to give our class mates some feedback, it could be done either via online form, or through annotation. My peers decided to give me feedback through annotations, so here are the annotated copies.

Before writing the mystery short story, we had to read mystery books, and do an extensive studies on the mystery genre. These were called the mystery self studies. I think that the mystery self studies helped a lot in writing our own mysteries because we could learn how the mystery works, and what elements of a mystery allow the mystery to be interesting, and enjoyable. It also helped us understand how a mystery story works, what tone it should be, and what kind of things it my constitute. Overall, I think the mystery self studies helped a lot in writing our own stories, and I think it would be a good idea to do something similar, but shorter, again if we write stories.