Why so serious? Joker Scene from the Dark Knight

The above scene is from the move Batman: The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan. It is one of the most famous scenes done by Heath Ledger (as the Joker). It is most well known because of the acting by Heath Ledger, and is one of the main reasons that makes this a good scene, in addition to camera movement, lighting and other elements of film.

The acting is regarded to be of a very high level, mostly because of the fact that Heath Ledger was so submerged in his role that he did a brilliant job of acting as the Joker. Ledger’s facial expressions, his monologue, and the way he changes the tones of his voice are proof of the acting. He plays the role of a mentally scared anarchist perfectly in the movie, and that is what made him the most known joker roles played since Jack Nicholson’s performance in Tim Burton’s 1989 version of Batman.

The other reason this is a good scene is because of the camera movements in the scene, which adds emphasis to the emotions of the characters, and helps to convey them to the viewers. In the beginning of the scene, the camera tracks the different characters, to let the viewers know that the people who brought in the ‘corpse’ are not the same as the ones already in there. The close ups between Joker and the other man add emphasis to what the Joker is saying, because the expressions are more visible, which shows the Joker’s emotions and the fear of the other man.

The lighting in the scene is also a great reason the scene is good. It is not very bright, and is dull. It is dark enough to show the mood but it is not too dark because that would not correctly convey the feeling of the room to the viewer. Like the camera movement, the lighting also helps to emphasise the characters emotions, because it appears to be dark around the characters, but their facial features are brighter, and that brings the focus onto their faces. Overall, many things make this scene a good scene, and they are the reason it has gained much critical acclaim over the years since the movie’s release in 2008.