3: Market Research and Focus Group

To find out what kind of consumers there would be for this product and what they like about it, I made a questionnaire. This is to help me improve something the consumers don’t like and to get to know what they do like so I can keep that the same. Here are the questions I asked:

  • Do you think this is a good idea? Why? Why not?
  • How do you think this can help people or the environment?
  • Would you buy this product? Why? Why not?
  • Do you think any of your family or friends need something like this?
  • What do you like about the pocket USB device charger?
  • What do you think could be improved about it?
  • How would you change it?
  • What color would you prefer it to be?
  • Would it help to have an instructions manual with the pocket USB device charger?
  • What dimensions would you prefer it to be? (Size?)
  • What kind of devices would you use with the pocket USB charger?
  • If you could rate it out of 10, what would you rate it in usefulness?

I asked these questions to a big group of students, most of who have many USB devices.  There were many replies and I changed my plan according to that. Here are some of the replies. Some of the things I changed were the color, design and compatibility. I made it so that it will work with almost any phone in the world. I changed the color to black and blue, seeing as they were the most popular choices. I will also add different designs and patterns to make it look better. Here is an interview of Rishabh Jain. I asked him the questions and recorded the replies: