Human Geography Analysis

Mortality Rates:

The Nationality is Icelandic as an adjective and Icelander as a noun. The birth rate is 13.09/1000 people and the death rate is 7.13/1000 people.

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Population Growth Rate:

The population growth rate of Reykjavik is 0.65% per year.

Life Expectancy:

The average life expectancy of Reykjavik is 81.22 years.

Population Density:

The population density of Reykjavik is 436.5/km^2.



Past and Projected Population Growth:

Below is the past and projected population growth of Reykjavik. The current population growth rate is 0.65%. If the population grew at this rate, it would grow like in the table below, and the graph further describes how the growth would appear.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 20.14.01Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 20.15.10


Here a graph that shows what ages the male and female populations of Iceland are:

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The population of Reykjavik that is educated is very high; 99% of the population of Reykjavik is literate. 99% of all males are literate, and 99% all females are also literate. All the people in this 99% graduate from secondary school. The average years of education, from primary to higher education, is 19 years. The average for males is 18 years, and 20 years for females. Most people who have their compulsory education, which is primary and middle school, continue to high school. Although there are many institutions in the country for higher education, 16% of the students decide to go for their postgraduate education abroad. Here is a graph of literacy rates in Reykjavik.

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Here is a chart that shows what subjects are taught and for how long:

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The crime rate in Reykjavik is very low. And not only in the city, but the whole country. The homicide rate is 0.3 and the crime index is 26.51. Violent crime is something similar to homicide, and only one killing has happened in the city for the past 5 years; in 2009. Here is a chart that shows the crimes in Reykjavik using the crime index. The crime is well below the high crime levels.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 19.35.20

Poverty and Wealth Distribution:

Because there is not a lot of poverty in Iceland, there is not much in Reykjavik as well. There was not much information about this, so data may be inaccurate. People that live under the poverty threshold is under 2%. Here is a graph that shows the total population versus the population under the poverty threshold:

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Here is a graph that shows the number of tourists and visitors from 2000 to 2012 in reykjavik:

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Here is the nationality breakdown of the tourists and visitors:

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Tourists and visitors by seasons:

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Overnight accommodations usage comparison between foreigners and Icelanders:

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Other information:

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