Guns, Germs and Steel video questions

  1. At the time that the Spanish conquistador’s invaded the Inca Empire, they were armed with state of the art weaponry. Describe this weaponry:

The weaponry the Spaniards had was much more advanced then that of the natives, they were:

  • Guns
  • Horses
  • Steel weapons
  • Swords
  • Lances
  • Body Armor
  1. What is Jared Diamond’s explanation for why the Spanish had advanced to steel swords while Inca’s were still making tools and weapons from bronze?

It was because of the geographical location of the Europeans, that they were able to inherit around 7000 years of metal working from the fertile crescent and using the trial and error method. With this, the Spanish were able to make the longest, strongest, sharpest, and best swords possible.

b. How did their diversified society help with this cause?

The people of the fertile crescent had yeaers of experience with metal working. Also, the swordsmiths of Toledo experimented with the metal using different techniques from different places around Europe to create the best weapons.

  1. What battle tactics were used by the conquistadors to help them defeat the large Inca army?

The conquistadors used the element of surprise to defeat the unarmed Incas. They first fired the guns to terrorize the Incas, then the rode in on their horses using their advanced swords to kill the Incas. They wiped out an army of 80,000 without having a single causality. They were also protected by their body armor. They charged the Incas with their Spanish bred horses and trampled a lot of them.

b. What did the Inca need to do to be successful in war.

The Inca needed to stand firm so that the horses would not charge at them or trample them. This would have given then an advantage. They should also have brought their weapons instead of coming unarmed.

  1. According to Diamond, what made the Europeans “accidental conquerors”?

They were considered accidental conquerors because they had a great geographical location. Because of this, they were the first ones to acquire new technology and advancements such as guns, germs and steel. Other civilisations however, did not have the geographical advantage and therefore, could not possibly have all the advancements.

  1. Considering the entire scope of European exploration of the new world, what was the greater impact on world history?  In other words, how did European exploration and conquest of the New World shape our world today?  Please give three specific examples.  You may use outside sources to answer this question, but please use citations.

The exploration of the world by the Europeans has impacted a lot on the world. For example:

  • Discovering the Americas
    Discovering the Americas was a very big impact on the world because it is what allowed advancements in technology and development there. USA is one of the most technologically advanced and powerful countries in the current time.
  • Georpahy improving many things
    The knowledge of geography greatly increased because of the explorations. This allowed ideas and knowledge to be traded around the world and helped improve many things around the world.
  • Wiped out natives

Wiping out the natives in the new world was a negative impact because it almost completely destroyed a whole race of people in their native continent. The Europeans thought of them as savages and killed of almost 90% of the natives in the new world.







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