Great Age of Exploration Questions and Answers

1. What are some reasons why Native Americans resent the fact that Christopher Columbus was glorified for so long?

A major reason was because Columbus brought Europeans which lead to genocide of the Native Americans.

2. Why do so many people think that Columbus shouldn’t be credited for discovering America?

The people think so because people were already living in the Americas and also the Vikings were the first ones to sail across the Atlantic and arrive at North America.

3. In the 1400’s, there was very little communication and trade between continents and today it is difficult to imagine a world without these things. How do the countries benefit from these exchanges? How are these exchanges damaging?

Communication and trade between continents is a very useful thing because not every resource is spread around the world. Trading is very useful because it can help every civilization around the world. For example, a country in Asia might want potatoes and a country in Europe might want rice so they can trade it. But communication and trade can also be damaging between continents or countries. For example, there are a lot of wars going on around the world for crude oil, specifically in the Middle East.

4. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, what were some of the greatest differences between the European culture and native culture of the Americas?

The Europeans were much more technologically advanced than the native Americans and they believed in a very big religion that they tried to spread, Christianity. The Europeans also had lots of weapons like guns and cannons when the Native Americans did not. The Native Americans also had lots of traditions and cultures that were not viewed as nice traditions by the Europeans and the thought of the Americans as savages.

5. What cultural attitudes existed on the part of the Europeans that made then feel that it was all right to buy and sell Africans or enslave Native Americans?

The Europeans thought they could buy and sell African people as slaves and enslave Native Americans because they thought the Europeans were and inferior race of human beings. They also thought they had god given rights to do this. They also believed that the others were savages and they could be “cured”.

6. One of the biggest changes that resulted from the Great Age of Exploration was an unprecedented shift of world population across the Atlantic Ocean. Discuss the results of these population shifts.

The population shifts were a drastic change in history. Even though a lot of the Americas were populated, 80% of the Native Americans died because of diseases brought from Europe and the Europeans killing them thinking they were savages.

7. How did the restrictions on trade with the Far East help initiate the great age of exploration?

The trading route to the Far East was controlled by heavily taxing Muslim nations so trading had lots of restrictions. They tried to bypass the routes controlled by Muslim nations.

8. What were some of the factors unique to the Renaissance that helped propel the great age of exploration?

The Europeans had a thirst for knowledge that could be gathered by exploring. They also wanted to spread their religion throughout the world because they truly believed their beliefs were correct. They also wanted to trade items and get rich.