R&J essay Reflection

Romeo and Juliet Annotated Copy

  1. Were you able to use the writing process (different due dates for different parts of the essay leading up to the final) to your advantage? In other words, did the different smaller assignments help you organize your writing and turn in a better final draft? Why or why not?

I think it was a good idea to split it up into different tasks, but after the thesis and topic sentences part, I think, there was not enough time given to complete the essay. It did help to prepare the thesis statement and topic sentences before writing the whole essay. I think a way it could be made better is if we have only two due dates for the essay; one for a draft copy so we can get some feedback, and one for the final copy, which would take one or two weeks to do.

  1. Did you find the peer editing process valuable? Why or why not?

I think it was a very good idea to get peer editing because we can have different point of views on our essay and little mistakes can be pointed out. It was valuable because I found many little mistakes or typos I made in my essay I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  1. How will you utilize the specific feedback given to you to improve your writing next time?

I will utilize the feedback given to improve my writing next time by making the changes suggested and proof reading my essay myself. I will also use it to give feedback to my peers.