Energy Production

The city will use two different types of energy. 50% will be from coal, and 50% will be from electricity produced through geothermal energy. I have changed this from 73% geothermal energy and 27% fossil fuel energy. Coal will only be used in the industrial zone, and only for factories and other companies. The geothermal energy will be used for everything else. The residential zone, commercial zone, service zone, education zone, public park zone, agricultural zone, and the airport and Seaports will be powered with geothermal energy. Electricity will be produced with geothermal energy, and will be used for everything except industrial use. Electricity from geothermal energy will also be used to power transportation. There will be solar panels on top of every building in the residential area so that extra electricity can be stored for the building. Everyone in the city will use bicycles to cover short distances. The bicycles will have a dynamo so electricity can be produced to charge small gadgets. The roads in the city will have special tiles that produce energy when it is stepped on rapidly or weight is applied on it then removed. The tiles produce about 8 watts of electricity for each time a person steps on one tile. This electricity will be used to power streetlights and traffic lights. People also walk a lot during the day, and some may chose to walk instead of riding the juggernaut bike to cover small distances. Everyone in the city has a shoe that have the same technology as the electricity producing tiles. The shoes can be used to charge phones and tablets. The use of the bicycles and shoes eliminate using power outlets at home a lot to charge personal gadgets.

The geothermal energy can come from underneath the city and all of Iceland because of all the volcanoes and magma chambers there. The coal will be imported. The people would have to give up personal vehicles, but that would not be something negative because the transportation system will be much better.

This is a better practice because it is good for the environment. The CO2 emission will be more than the present city, but the is beneficial because of another change in the city. Geothermal energy is renewable, so it does not affect the ecosystem negatively. The people of the city would not have to give up anything, because they would still receive electricity.

Here is the map, the energy production zone is cyan colored.