9: Testing Against Specification

Target market – I will give the product to some people to use to see what kind of consumers I can have for the product.

Functions – I will test the product with different USB charged devices to make sure it works.

Size – I put the product in different places like pockets, purses, bags, etc. to see if it fits.

Manufacturing process – I will identify 5 important stages in my building stage and check the product to see if it is working well.

Manufacturing quantity – I will test this by counting how many times I made this product.

Tools – After using the tools, I will check the quality of the product. If it is high quality, the tools are correct, if it is low quality, the tools might be wrong or I might have been using the tools wrong.

Materials – While building the product, I will check the quality of it, if it is high quality, then the materials were a good choice, but if it is low quality, then the materials weren’t a good choice.

Maintenance requirements – I will test the product by using it with devices in different situations so I know what the maintenance requirements are.

Product life span and life cycle – I will test by using it and estimate the life span.

Shape – I will test by holding it in my hand and let other people use it to check if the shape is comfortable or not.

Color – I will test this by using different colors on the design to check which ones look good.

Patterns – I will test patterns on the design to see which ones look good.

Quality assurance – I will check the product by using it and letting other people use it and then make a document with guarantee and warranty to assure the quality.

Quality control – I will do multiple tests so that I can make it good quality.

Cost – I test this by picking materials carefully so the cost can be around $10 – $15.

Time scale and planning – I will keep a process journal while I am building it so I know how much time is being used and on what.

Health and safety – I will test the product by using it and getting other people to use it so that I can find out what can be some issues. I will then include how to avoid the problems in the instructions manual.

Instructions manual – I will get some people to read the instructions manual and then ask them to use the product. After this I can find out if I need to add more detail to the instructions manual or not.