7: Design Breif

I will design and make a product that charges USB charged devices while on the move. Many people loose all their charge in their devices when they need them, like in the bus, or on vacation. This product will let them charge their devices when they are not at home or other places where they can plug in their charger. This product has to be roughly the size of a phone so it can be portable.

It should be easy to use so the user does not get tired while using it or does not get bored. It should be so that the user can quickly charge their device in a few minutes and use it. The product has be made from materials that are strong enough to not break but also comfortable for the user to hold. It should be safe to use and should not damage the user’s device. The product has to be compatible with many kinds of devices so anyone can use it. It also has to look aesthetically pleasing so the consumers will want to buy it.