4: Anticipating Problems and Creating Solutions

Even though the machine might seem simple to build, there could still be some problems. Here are some problems I could encounter while building this machine:

  • Materials – some of the electronic components might be hard to acquire.
  • Size – The size might be too big for the product to be portable.
  • Weight – It might be too heavy with all the things, which might make it less portable.
  • Tools – Some tools might not be available.
  • Time – There might not be enough time to finish the product.
  • Mass production – It will be hard to make the product again and again.
  • Resistance – The product might be too weak and break if it does not have proper work done on it.
  • Aesthetics – It might not look good so it will be unappealing to people.
  • Paint – I might not be able to get the correct paint.
  • Cost – It might be priced over $10 if the components are a bit over priced.

I have thought of some solutions so I can prevent these problems. I need to:

  • Materials – Order them online so I can get them in a few days.
  • Size – Make sure there isn’t anything too big that doesn’t allow the product to be portable.
  • Weight – Make sure nothing is too heavy so the product doesn’t become less portable.
  • Tools – Make sure to prepare the tools before hand so there are no problems.
  • Time – Work on building the product at home or during lunchtime to avoid not meeting the deadline.
  • Mass production – Make sure not to make the product too complicated so I can recreate it if I want.
  • Resistance – Work properly with the tools and materials so it does not break while in use.
  • Aesthetics – Make sure to make it look appealing, by using colors and designs.
  • Paint – Acquire the paint before hand so I don’t have to worry if I don’t find it when I need it.
  • Cost – Make sure the components are reasonably prices so the final product won’t cost too much.