1: Product Identification and Description

This product is a simple machine with some electronic components in it. It is a pocket USB device charger, but it does not use a battery, the energy is produced from the user’s hand. This machine uses a motor to convert the kinetic energy from the hand into electrical energy for the phone to be recharged. It is similar to the wind-up rechargeable flashlights. It might have a gearbox to increase the amount of energy that is produced depending on the maximum voltage of the phone.

The product will also contain a rectifier, 10-OHM resistor, and a zener diode, to control the voltage and current. These will all be connected by copper wire to the motor and each other. These components will be put together in a little box the size of a phone, with the handle on one side, ready for use.

Using this machine, people will be able to charge their, high electricity consuming phones or tablets anywhere and won’t have to use a socket. Not only will this allow a lot of portability for more than a few hours, but it will also save electricity. I chose to build this machine because I want to challenge myself in designing and building a machine and also because I wanted to make something innovative.

I have also experienced lots of situations when my phone or tablet ran out of charge on the move, at situations like these; it is good to have a product that will charge it in an eco-friendly way. I have used a motor before to make a temporary flashlight using an LED and it worked.

Below is a diagram that shows how the product will work.


hand crank phone charger

Here is a design of the product.Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.54.32 AM