Surreal Self-Portrait Process

“A self-portrait is a work of art in which the artist uses themselves as the main subject of the piece.”

In this task, my personal goal for this project is to be able to draw a face with the correct proportions and to be able to get the location of the parts right. I also want to be able to draw the face with a little bit of resemblance to the actual face. The goal set by the project is to show our understanding of the three surrealist techniques by using at least 2 of them, to show our understanding of facial proportions, to show our skills in the use of pen and ink, and our understanding or hatching, cross-hatching and stippling to create value. Another goal is to express and communicate something about who you are as a person.

I made three sketches, but I only liked one of the three. My first one was my face, but half of it was a robot face, and the other half was human. The background was binary like in “The Matrix”. My second idea was a face with reptilian eyes, and the neck of the person was transforming into a snake. The snake was in a pounce stance, and there was a shadow, however, I was not very successful with it. My third sketch was a cube, and half the face was on one side of the cube, while the other half was on another side off the edge. This did not work because I did not know how to make the perspective look good.

Of the three ideas, I think the most successful is the first idea, because it has transformation, the robot face, and unnatural setting, the binary from “The Matrix.” I also like it because it looks cool.

I received some good feedback, like “Have the human side of the face be normal letters instead of bianary” and “Try using some kind of pattern for the background,” However, I could not use the feedback given to me about the background because I did not see it fitting in with the sketch. I did however; take into consideration of having a printed circuit board shown on the robot side of the face.

I plan on turning the sketch into pen and ink using the pens, not the India ink and nib. I decided to use the pens because they will not drip ink, and this would not put the artwork under risk of being destroyed. I also decided to use the pens because they had different thicknesses. I think I will use hatching and cross-hatching because I think it will go nice with the portrait. Stippling seems a bit to spread out.

Something I want to do is add a bit of color to my self-portrait. I was thinking of having the robot eye an intense red, because this would make it look cool, and add onto the menacing look the robot side is giving. A peer also suggested coloring the printed circuit board a flat green, but I am still thinking whether I should do it or not.

Here are my three sketches:

Image 1167 Image 1168 Image 1169

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