Surreal Collage Final Reflection

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In this unit, the objectives of the surreal collage task were to show our understanding of the three techniques used in surrealism. The three techniques are unnatural situation, transformation, and manipulation of size and scale. Another was to show our proficiency with using color pencils, acrylic paint, or full collage of magazine images. The third objective was to be able to correctly blend magazine images with the color pencil parts in the sketch. And the final objective was to make an interesting and creative sketch.

I think I was successful at meeting most of the objectives because I had all three of the surreal techniques. I had transformation, because the man’s head transformed into an Egyptian statue head, and the woman’s head transformed into a fish. I had unnatural setting because there were fish flying in the sky. And I had the final technique, scale and size manipulation because I had tiny trees in the sketch. I think I did not meet the proficiency with using color pencils because the quality was not very high, and there were some uneven places in the sky. I think I was able to meet the objective that was to blend the magazine images with the color pencil part. I think I did this well because I had done a good job of blending the neck of the woman with creative sketch, I think I was successful at this because my piece was surreal, and it had many things that made it interesting, for example, the flying fish in the sky.

Some challenges I faced during the task were coloring the sky, and making the shadows on the boulder. I also had difficulty to make the cracks look like cracks, and some classmates said they looked like roots.

Although I did not overcome all the challenges, I did try and fixed some of the mistakes I had made. I fixed the areas of the sky that were too dark, but I could not make it completely even. I also added shadows to the boulder and underneath the standing people, however, this did not turn out well. When I was making the cracks on the boulder, I looked on the Internet to see how they could be more realistic, but they did not turn out well either. But I did try my best.

There were many things I could have improved in my sketch. I would make sure to color the sky with the same amount of pressure, and keep the lines the same distance from each other so it looks as one background, and not different pieces. I would also try and make the cracks better by looking at many different photos on the Internet, and make the cracks look as realistic as possible.

If I had the chance to do this project again, I would try to use acrylic paint or full magazine collage because they seemed interesting. I could not do it because I did not find enough images in the magazine. It would have been an interesting project to do because we would be expressing something through the use of other images only, without a lot of modification and manipulation like we did with the color pencils. 

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