Surreal Sketch Reflection

1.    What are the objectives for this project?

The objectives of the surreal collage task were:

·      We had to show our understanding of the three techniques used in surrealism. The three techniques are unnatural situation, transformation, and manipulation of size and scale.

·      We had to show our proficiency with using color pencils, acrylic paint, or full collage of magazine images.

·      To be able to correctly blend magazine images with the color pencil parts in the sketch.

·      To make an interesting and creative sketch.

2.    Briefly describe the idea behind the design for your collage.

The idea behind my collage was to make it surreal and also put some pictures of things I like. I went through some magazines and found some pictures I like, at the same times, I was thinking of some loose designs I could use. I found some good images of things I like, like a basketball, and an Egyptian mask, because I enjoy basketball and history.

3.    What made you select this design over your other sketches?

I selected this design because there were multiple different reasons for why this was a good choice. It looked the best out of the three, I liked this one the most, and my peers voted for this design.

4.    Include a photo of your collage so far.

 Image 1154

5.    What do you think of your collage so far?

I think its going well, and I got most of the collage done. But the coloring the sky took a very long time, and some areas were darker while others were lighter, so I had to erase it and color over it again. I also decided to add suns to the collage.

6.    How can you improve your collage to make it more successful?

I think I could improve it by adding shadows to the boulder and underneath the two people standing. I could also improve it by making the cracks a bit darker on the boulder, and make the blue color of the sky more even. This would make it more successful because it would make the sketch look surreal, but still be a realistic drawing.

7.    How have your drawing and color pencil skills developed? (Show any before and after photos if there is a difference in your skill level)

I think my skills with color pencils have increased from before because I could clearly see the difference in my sketch’s from now and before. I learnt different techniques with color pencils like coloring closer together for more intense colors, and mixing colors together to get new ones, and blending them in using the white for a smoother finish.

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