Final Reflection

Photo on 10-03-14 at 12.16 #2 #2

I think I was successful in many areas of my egg tempera piece. One of them was to learn to make egg tempera paint successfully. I learnt the process of how to make egg tempera paint successfully. The process was very delicate and had to be done specifically as instructed or else the paint could go wrong. I think if I could improve this, then I would use specific measuring instruments to add in the water and the pigment so that the paint could be better. This would allow the paint to be more vibrant, and maybe fewer layers would be required.

Another thing that was successful was the way I captured the value in my product. Before working on the final piece, we had to make a value scale with egg tempera. This allowed me to see how I could make the colors darker, and how to blend them. I tried to get the shadows and blending right by squinting my eyes and looking at my photo. I think I successfully captured the value in my final work because it turned out to look pretty good. However, if I could improve my work, then I would have made the shadow around my eye a bit lighter because it looks a bit unrealistic because of it.

My goal for the unit was to be able to observe, and capture my eye correctly with egg tempera. Although I had a few mistakes with the shadow around the eye, I think that I did a fairly good job and achieved my goal for this.

There were several challenged I faced when working on the final piece. One of them was to be able to make the shadow around the eye. I added some pink to it to get a good effect, but that made it too dark and looked like a blotch around the eye, and almost looked like a black eye.

To overcome this challenge, I mixed a darker apricot color and added another layer to the rest of the painting to make it look less dark. This improved the shadow around the eye a bit, and made it look better. Now if the painting was seen from a distance, it looked pretty good and a nice piece of artwork.

The great egg tempera experiment helped my understanding of art during the renaissance because it allowed my to understand what sort of process the renaissance artists went through to make their artwork. It also increased my understanding of what techniques the renaissance artists used to create their artwork. Some of the techniques I learnt were making egg tempera paint, and how to use it to get the best shades and value.

I learnt many things throughout this trimester that I didn’t know before. I learnt what contour drawings are, I learnt what value is, and I also learnt that paint could be made from egg yolk. I think that by learning these things, my knowledge of art has increased and it also allows me to appreciate art even more than before.

I think I grew as an artist over the trimester because of the different techniques I learnt about. I learnt about contour drawings, and how I should use lines to observe and capture something. I also learnt some tips like squinting my eyes to find the shadows and brighter parts on something. I learnt the cross hatching technique used in egg tempera to make the colors more vibrant. These techniques have thought me a lot to make my art better, and helped me grow as an artist.

I enjoyed making the fish, because I enjoyed observing it and capturing it on paper with something other than a pen or pencil. I enjoyed using the different and unique mediums to make the artwork this trimester.

Even though the class was great, I think it could be improved if we could draw anything we want for the great egg tempera experiment because it would be more enjoyable for the students.

I think this class has changed my view about art because I now know a few more ways of how to make art. These are contour drawings, egg tempera paintings, and chalk drawings.

My view about art has now changed by my increase in the appreciation of art and the many different techniques to make it. I did not know that there were so many different ways to create artwork, and now that I do know, I appreciate it more.

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