Fish Reflection


What were the objectives of this assignment? 
For this assignment, we were asked to draw a dissected fish, using only chalk and different values and shades. The inspiration was from the renaissance artists who first used value and shades to create artwork.

What art element did you use in this assignment?
For this assignment, we used the art elements of value, line and shading. Before drawing the fish, we had to make a value scale so we could understand how it works. For the shading, we squinted our eyes to see where the fish was brightest and where it was darkest, so we could shade those in our drawings. The lines were used to get the general shape of the fish.

What medium did you use? 
The medium that I used for this assignment was:

  • Grey paper
  • Chalk
  • Charcoal
  • Sanguine chalk
  • Sepia chalk

Do you think you were successful in meeting the objectives of this assignment?
I think I was successful because the objectives were to observe and capture the lights and shadows of the fish, with all the little details. I think I did an acceptable job of that.

How do you think you could improve your drawing?
If I could improve something in my drawing, I would change the dimensions of the fish because I accidentally made it un-proportionate.

What did you find challenging about this assignment?
What I found challenging was in this assignment was to draw the insides of the fish because there were so many different colors, shades and textures.

What did you find unique about this assignment? (Other than the smell!)
I found it unique because we used chalk to make the drawings instead of pencil.

How do you feel this assignment helped you grow as an artist?
I think this assignment helped me to grow as an artist because I learnt a lot about the different elements of art. I could not have made a drawing similar to the fish I drew if I had tried to draw it before the unit because I did not understand how the different elements work.

What did this assignment have to do with the Renaissance?
It was related to how the renaissance artists discovered about light and shadows. It was also related to having proportionate drawings, which was also a part of renaissance discovery. Another part of this assignment that is related to the renaissance is that we had to dissect the fish and draw the insides of it, much like how renaissance artists drew the insides of the human body.

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